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Home AV Electronics
The Audio/Video Electronics Products group is on a mission to make the household the ultimate frontier of personal entertainment. In the spirit of innovation that led to the advent of Pioneer’s DVD Recorder, DVD-Audio/Video Player, Plasma Display, as well as more familiar products for home theater viewing and music listening, Pioneer is accommodating the greater flexibility of contemporary lifestyles.

Car AV Electronics
The Car Electronics Products group is moving ahead of the field to integrate audio/video entertainment and car navigation systems offering the latest digital optical disc-based innovations on the road. Pioneer’s development of equipment for DVD and such other hyper-density digital formats as HDD, as well as organic electroluminescent (OEL) displays, ensures that we will be at the forefront of further market-opening advances in mobile entertainment.

B-to-B Operations & Services*
Pioneer’s business-to-business operations and services have the right tools, technologies, products and parts to provide solutions to many companies’ operating challenges. We make products such as our DVD authoring systems and plasma display panels comfortable for businesses to use, and we make our set-top boxes, IRDs (Integrated Receiver Decoders), DVD-R/RW drives, and other OEM products available to clients who appreciate the value such advanced equipment adds to their own brands. Moreover, we are a major manufacturer of organic electroluminescent (OEL) displays and various other parts and mechanisms which are impeccably designed and manufactured to enhance simplicity and flexibility in business applications.

*Referred to as “Others” in the presentation of Pioneer Corporation’s financial information.

AV Software
We are focusing on our software business with the same dedication that has distinguished us as a maker of advanced entertainment equipment. As a result, Pioneer is building its library of digital-disc-based software including music, movie, karaoke, game, animation, and more in DVD, DVD-ROM, CD and CD-ROM formats.

Patent Licensing
Pioneer’s patents for DVD, CD, LD, MD, and all other types of optical discs and related equipment raise Pioneer’s status and lead the new entertainment market.
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Operating Revenue

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