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sound. vision. soul: A statement that says it all about Pioneer's sense of purpose.

Everyone’s got soul. The never-ending challenge is to find better ways to feel it deeper down inside.
At Pioneer, “Move the Heart and Touch the Soul” means more than mere words can express. It’s our mission to stir as many senses and sensibilities as we can through the everlasting wonders of great sound and vision.
We achieve this in our core business of audio/video equipment. But in a larger sense, Pioneer is an “Entertainment-Creating Company,” which is especially important at a time when the universe of entertainment is expanding faster than ever. Yet, our challenge doesn’t end with higher-performance products. These have to be more comfortable and convenient to use, as well. Only then can they live up to our high standards and create experiences that are soul-satisfying for every customer. This is the ideal quality of entertainment which Pioneer aims to achieve.
So it’s fitting that the elements of our business and our statement of purpose can be summed up as “sound,” “vision” and “soul.” “Sound” refers to Pioneer’s very origin as an audio innovator which continues to anchor positive perceptions of our brand, as well as our priority of being a sound business in every way. “Vision” points to such landmark Pioneer product categories as DVD, plasma displays, and organic electroluminescent (OEL) displays, as well as the Company’s visionary heritage. “Soul” embraces our company’s unique spirit in taking entertainment to higher levels of sensation. Of course, more can be said about what we stand for, but these three words sum up what we represent and what we offer quite succinctly.
Moreover, further advances toward cutting-edge products, user-friendly services, and superior-quality management impel Pioneer to be
  • fair and reasonable;
  • speedy and flexible; and
  • positive and active
to a greater extent than ever before. Ultimately, Pioneer’s devotion to innovation and corporate accountability reflected in these three sets of priorities has raised customer satisfaction to the highest possible level. There’s every reason to believe that our approach to creating better entertainment will reap the loyalties of growing legions of customers and all stakeholders in the long run.

Group VisIon: Entertainment-Creating Company

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