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  25.08.2001 Finally: The customized car radio - DEH-P9300R

Finally: The customized car radio - DEH-P9300R

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IFA, Berlin, 25 August 2001 -- Amongst products with organic EL, the DEH-P9300R car radio, which will be available beginning in August, takes a special place. Its built-in DSP incorporates - among other things - a 13-band equalizer, automatic equalization system, high and lowpass filters plus a digital sonic time alignment processor and a digital low bass amplifier (octaver).

The motor-driven front panel is a work of art itself: Exactly 20,480 pixels make it a display with incomparable resolution. But the really unique feature of this product is that the display can be programmed. With 1Mb of memory, the front panel has plenty of room for storing a variety of images and movies, which can be created on a PC. The programming is quite sim-ple; a special graphic program is used to create custom animations from jpg, bmp or avi files. With the planned release in November, selected dealers will have "PC Link Kits" to handle the transfer of graphics from a PC into the front panel.

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