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  25.01.2002 Pioneer анонсирует новый проигрываетель CD (DEH-P7400MP) с MP3 плеером

Pioneer анонсирует новый проигрываетель CD (DEH-P7400MP) с MP3 плеером

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Модель совмещает в себе возможность воспроизведения форматов MP3 и CD с продвинутой компонентной базой: плеер оборудован OEL дисплеем и MOSFET усилителем. DEH-P7400MP способен воспроизводить записи с CD-R, CD-RW и CD-ROM дисков, одно- и мультисессионных. Битрейт воспоизводимых MP3 файлов - в диапазоне 8 - 320 Кб/с, возможно воспроизведение записей с переменным (VBR, Variable Bit Rate) битрейтом, поддерживается ID3 Tag и CD Text. DEH-P7400MP ожидается в Европе уже в феврале 2002 года

DEH-P7400MP совместима с CD-R , CD-RW, CD дисками. Все последие навороты от Pioneer.Эквалайзер. Качественный MOSFET усилитель. Возможнось подключения к внешнему усилителю. Дистанционное управление.Возможность расширения до Multi-CD, DAB Digital radio and TV тюнерю. Улучшенный дизайн и характеристики дисплея (контрастность, угол обзора).

Модель будет доступна в России с февраля 2002 года

Pioneer today unveils a new addition to its in-car product line-up, the DEH-P7400MP MP3 player, which will become available Europe-wide from February 2002. As more consumers choose to download music from the Internet and store it digitally, Pioneer is expanding its product offering within the mobile entertainment arena. The DEH-P7400MP also features Pioneer's signature Organic Electroluminescent (OEL) display offering a superior user interface.

"As the mobile entertainment arena continues to evolve, Pioneer is adding new features and technologies like MP3," said Ronan McDonagh, Manager, Car Audio & AV Planning, Pioneer Europe NV. "We've seen enormous growth in the number of consumers who download music to use in portable MP3 players, so we've expanded our product offering to meet that new demand."

The popular MP3 format makes it easy to transfer large amounts of music from the computer into the car. Consumers can "burn" up to 15 music albums in a single compact disc. The player displays file names, album names, song titles and artists names, ID3 tag information and supports multiple bit rates ranging from 8 Kbps up to 320 Kbps or Variable Bit Rate (VBR) compression.

Delivering a system that will appeal to the most demanding of car audio enthusiasts, Pioneer has combined MP3 CD playback technology with its leading-edge car audio technologies, including:

  • OEL display technology which offers the ability to display a multitude of animated graphics including a host of on-screen movies; a wide viewing angle with high visibility under any brightness condition; a self-emitting device that eliminates the need for back lighting and very low voltage requirements (<5 volts); all encompassed in an ultra thin panel;
  • MOSFET amplifier which delivers high power under any condition and distortion-free sound coupled with the EEQ+ Easy Equaliser system with full on-board networking (LPF & HPF) and a host of equaliser controls making it easier than ever to create custom tailored sound, to create the individual consumer's ultimate sound experience; and
  • Pop-up rotary volume control offering the convenience of a rotary volume while allowing the system to maintain its sleek appearance.

The DEH-P7400MP is compatible with CD-R, CD-RW and CD-ROM discs. Either Single Session or Multi-Session discs can be played and the MP3 files can be organised into folders for convenient archiving.

In addition to MP3 CD playback, the Pioneer system has a host of powerful features including:

  • Three audio Pre-outs for connecting external amplifiers;
  • optional remote control;
  • RDS Radio text; and
  • a speaker input terminal for connecting a GSM hands-free kit.

The DEH-P7400MP can also be expanded to include Multi-CD, DAB Digital Radio and a TV Tuner using Pioneer's IP-Bus control line.

The sleek design, featuring a modern silver look with chrome finish, of the Pioneer in-car MP3 player ensures it will have broad appeal and will be a popular choice among car and music enthusiasts alike. Contact your local Pioneer distributor or dealer for further information.

For further information, please contact your local Pioneer distributor

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